3 Pillars That Helped Me Build a Multi-7-Figure Business

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Over the last 18 months, I’ve grown my business to $2.5 million in revenue. 

How did I do it? 

Tactically, I used what I call a Tiny Offer™ to get lots of eyeballs on my business, bring in limitless leads, generate a healthy profit, and create an email list filled with BUYERS (instead of freebie seekers).

That low-priced, front-end funnel coupled with higher-ticket offers is how I got to multiple 7 figures. But it’s not the end of the story.  

First, let me tell you, there hasn’t been a single leaning-on-Lamborghini photoshoot involved. (I’m much more likely to be cleaning syrup out of my hair, than posing with a status symbol.)

A little history in online business from my perspective…

Five years ago, when I started my business, the atmosphere was very male-dominated. And the marketing, let’s just say it was classic “Bro-Marketing.”

It was based on fear-based marketing that fed on the consumer’s need to gain status, to one-up the next guy, and far too often the products being sold fell short of promises and expectations.

It seemed like every other ad on the newsfeed was a guru, casually strolling past a sports car that probably cost more than the houses most of his audience were living in at the time. Then he’d show you his view from the beach house, just one of his houses.

He was selling the dream, one filled with luxury, and some would say, excess. This worked for the guru, and still does to some extent. 

He says he’ll teach you exactly how he got rich, and if you just follow the steps, you’ll get rich too. 

The problem is: The hustle-get-rich method usually requires grinding your way to burn-out, a major health crisis, and maybe even a wrecked marriage. Or it ends up feeling more like a pyramid scheme where your payday depends on bringing more and more warm bodies into the food chain. In the end, it rarely works the way they say it will.  

I’ve seen these gurus brag about their bulging bank accounts, while in reality, their business is close to breaking under a massive amount of debt. 

Luckily, I never went down that road. 

Instead of trendy marketing tactics that rely on smoke, mirrors, and sports cars…I’ve built my business on 3 pillars. 

Pillar 1: Manage Your Cash 

The flashy gurus have nice houses and nice cars, sure. But they might also have a million-dollar mortgage, plus, a $200,000 car loan. 

They can afford it, right? Maybe right now. 

The thing is — they’ve leveraged everything their business has, and the banks own most of it. One big fail, one move in the wrong direction, and they could lose everything. 

That’s not how I want to live my life. I don’t want to be stressed month after month, hoping that cash comes in, hoping the creditors don’t come calling. 

One of my rules is not to bet the entire “farm” on my business. I’ve managed to keep myself out of major debt, both personally and in my business, by investing my earnings wisely, rather than just spending the money I make. 

Don’t get me wrong — I like living a nice life with nice things, but I also like being debt-free. And I like having investments, so I always have freedom and security, no matter what’s happening on the business side.

My first big money move was to eliminate a huge chunk of our personal debt — like car loans and student loans. Since then, I’ve taken my profits, and not only paid myself well, I’ve invested. 

My investments in my business include building multiple income streams and hiring people who help me make more money and free up my time. I’ve invested in real estate to build a new passive income stream. And I’ve invested in myself with learning and coaching.

Pillar 2: Manage Your Energy

I mentioned fear-based marketing tactics earlier. And while I do use some urgency and scarcity in my marketing, like limited-time offers and cart-close deadlines, I don’t do fake marketing. 

Fake marketing is telling people your webinar is live when it’s recorded, or saying you only have 20 spots in a program, then enrolling 500 people, or putting a countdown timer on a page that doesn’t truly “expire.” 

What I do instead is find out what people want and pack VALUE into my offers. I make it so valuable that they are risking something by not signing up, and I help them see the immediate return on their investment. So, the urgency and the scarcity is actually real.

If they don’t take action, they’re not going to be moving further in their business. If they don’t invest now, they’re going to be stuck. This consumer-focused marketing is helping them make a decision that’s good for them, without relying on fear. I even include reasons not to buy in my copy — if it’s not a good fit for you, don’t buy it. That helps keep expectations realistic and my customers happy.

For me, it’s more about building long-term relationships with people, than just selling. 

I’ve always defaulted to making sure people feel safe, hopeful, encouraged, and empowered when they’re joining one of my programs. Because they have to do the work to get the results. And because I know this approach leads to more long-term customers and fewer refunds. 

My golden rule: If it doesn’t feel good to me, I don’t do it. 

This applies across the board to the programs I create and sell, and to my marketing. Believe me, I learned the hard way by working with contractors who relied on marketing tactics that felt icky, or who urged me to set a price I didn’t feel good about. 

Making sure my energy is in alignment with my business, and that I don’t cross my ethical boundaries just to make a sale is the second pillar that got me to 7 figures. 

After all, who wants to hit 7 figures and feel miserable about it? What’s the point of that?

Pillar 3: Manage Your Time

The third pillar is remembering my own definition of living a truly rich life and managing my time, so I can focus on what matters. 

For me, that looks like having the energy to work out every single day. The energy to read and play and get on the floor with my kids and actually give them my direct, intentional time. It looks like spending quality time with my husband, going on date nights, or watching movies after the kids have gone to bed. It means cooking a family dinner and all sitting down and having that time together every single night. Those things are super important to me.

But in order for me to focus on what matters, I had to let a lot of other stuff go. I’ve identified  areas of my life and business where I need support, and I’ve been able to delegate. On a personal level, that looks like having a home manager who helps with laundry, prep work for meals, and organizing our house. 

In my business, I have an absolute dream team, who help me keep my energy free for creation and connection:

  • A customer service specialist, Michelle, who is amazing. She helps take care of my students and customers, keep my inbox spotless, and so much more. 
  • A copywriter, Melanie, who helps me take my ideas and words and turn them into awesome emails, social media posts, and sales pages. 
  • A social media specialist, Rachel, who helps get the word out on social media channels, creates beautiful graphics, and helps keep our content flowing. 
  • A tech specialist, Lindsey, who helps keeps our funnels flowing and our systems in check. 

Could I do all of this alone? Sure, to some extent, I could. I’ve done the one-person-many-hats thing before. But is that my best option? Heck no.

I’ve built support around me, so that I can be in creative mode and be in the visionary seat, and get things done that only I can do. I’ve been really intentional about the programs I’ve created, about the structures that give me the biggest bang for my buck, and help me make an impact on as many people as possible. I do all of this in what is typically a 15- to 20-hour work week. 

So, that’s my definition of having a rich life and how I’m actually living it. If you break out the good ol’ Venn diagram of what I consider to be a truly rich life, my Rich Life Blueprint, you can see there’s a sweet spot, where money, time, and energy all flow together. 

Rich Life Lab Blueprint

This sweet spot means having enough time for what matters, making a crap-ton of money for ease and flexibility, and having plenty of energy left over to enjoy it all. 

I don’t subscribe to that bro culture of hustle, hustle, hustle, working 60 hours a week. Even if I bring home a little less money, because I have an amazing team that I’m supporting, it’s 100% worth it to me.

The question is: How are you currently managing your time, money, and energy? What could you improve, let go of, or add to get yourself closer to that sweet spot?

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