In this episode, international speaker trainer and coach Colin Boyd shares his experience with using a tiny offer in his business.

He discusses the benefits of his tiny offer, the Conversion Story Formula, which teaches people how to create a conversion story that connects with their audience and offer. Priced at $47, the offer has been very successful, with nearly 4,000 people purchasing it.

Colin emphasizes the importance of hiring the right people and shares that hiring a marketing director has been a game changer for his business. He also talks about the power of saying yes and figuring out how to make things work, as well as the importance of making decisions and taking action.

Colin encourages entrepreneurs to look back at their lives and identify the things they have always been passionate about, as these can provide clues to their true calling.

He also discusses the strategy of using teaching ads or comparison ads to promote the Tiny Offer®, as well as the importance of connecting with the audience and showing personality in the ads.

Overall, Colin’s experience with the Tiny Offer® has been extremely positive and has helped him generate significant revenue and attract high-quality buyers.

If you want to learn more about Colin’s strategy, he is running a live event next week!

In this practical and interactive series you’ll discover:

The step-by-step way to design your Signature Talk so that your audience naturally wants to join your online courses using the “Infusion Selling™ Strategies” (This alone will be worth registering!)

The secret to sharing the right ‘signature story’ so that your audience rushes to enroll in your programs before you even make your offer!!!

Why ‘selling at the end’ of your presentation is the worst way to convert new clients…and the surprising thing you need to do instead

How to go from fear to confidence in under 9 seconds using the ‘Confident Focus Technique’ – this will rid you of speaking fear forever

You’ll walk away feeling confident, clear, and ready to deliver virtual and live presentations that don’t just get claps, but lead to a flood of clients…every time!

You can sign up for Colin’s training here.

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