Digital Marketing Workbooks

With the right structure in place, regular $10K months are doable -- and it’s easier than you think.

Instead of investing hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in a course with hours of video training, get exactly what you need in this quickstart guide.

A solid sales funnel can make the difference between famine or feast in your business, by bringing a steady flow of potential customers into your world.

Get everything you need to set up your first sales funnel in one guide.

Your email list is your most valuable business asset. Instead of spending hundreds, or more, on a course you might never finish, you can get a one-stop-guide for all things list building with the Grow My List Plan.

The Design Your Landing Page Guide takes the guessing out of what to put on your landing page and where, you’ll have an easy-to-use guide to show you exactly how to design your high-converting landing page.

Instead of guessing, or having to hit pause and research every time you hear about that great new marketing tactic, get the guide that distills it down to exactly what you need to know to grow your business in today’s digital world.


Instead of guessing what works and trying to put all the pieces together yourself, plug your text straight into a slide template with a proven formula.

Give your launch the fuel it needs to turn browsers into buyers with a proven email sequence. The Launch Email Sequence will help you start building your successful launch today.

You work so hard to get every new subscriber on your list -- don't let you hard work go to waste. The Welcoming Nurture Sequence will help you to start building know, like, and trust with your future customers today.

One of the best ways to guarantee more sales in your launch is to start early by building excitement and buy-in before your cart opens. Use the pre-launch period to strategically position your offer and prime your audience for buying.

Instead of gritting your teeth through the entire sales-page-writing process (or procrastinating until the hour before the cart opens), get step-by-step guidance to writing a sales page that actually sells.