Listen in as I unpack the game-changing concept of visibility for online coaches and the transformative power it holds in scaling your business. Grappling with the enigma of being ‘seen’ on social media, I lay out a strategic blueprint for activities that can amplify your presence, ranging from engaging stories and dynamic reels to impactful guest appearances. I share personal anecdotes from my journey, where value posts in Facebook groups became a beacon, drawing potential clients to discover my services. This episode is an invitation to commit to showing up daily, fostering the know, like, and trust factor that converts followers into loyal customers.

Join me as we navigate the intricate landscape of brand visibility through thoughtful content creation. I reveal the essence of starting with a ‘Tiny Offer’ and the power of building an organic audience that can sustain and grow your business. By pulling back the curtain on my own strategies, I inspire you to engage consistently with your audience, start conversations, and harness the strength of direct messaging. Moreover, we address the potential pitfalls of over-reliance on a single platform and the importance of adaptability in your business approach. 

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