Welcome to another inspiring episode of the Start Tiny Podcast! Join me, Allie Bjerk, as I share my journey of overcoming limiting beliefs and generating millions in sales from a single webinar. Learn how ignoring self-doubt played a crucial role in my success and discover unique methods to find inspiration and maintain high energy, such as combining walks with guided meditations. We also explore the concept of creating feelings of abundance without needing physical items, and how this mindset can foster creativity and problem-solving in your business.

In this episode, we also tackle the challenge of overcoming resistance in business strategy by embracing authenticity and consistency. Hear personal stories of pushing beyond self-doubt, including my experience launching a $27 tiny offer that grew into $600,000 in a few months, and later hosting a successful $5,000 group coaching program. By focusing on what can be let go and adopting a more genuine approach, you’ll learn how to significantly improve your strategies and achieve remarkable results. Tune in for practical insights and motivational stories to help you break through barriers and achieve a more fulfilled and successful business life.

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