Hitting a Wall? Here’s Why


Although I’m definitely better known for my strategy, I talk about mindset a lot because it’s the underpinning of EVERYTHING else.

And I rarely go too deep into the “woo”…but today, I’m going there to find out why you’re really hitting a wall.

Here’s what I mean by hitting a wall…

Does it ever seem like all the things are going wrong in your life or business? Your appliances go on the fritz; you get sick; you get into a fender-bender. It ALL seems to happen at once. 

Once, I remember lamenting to a friend, “I’m having the worst week ever. All of these horrible things are happening. I’m supposed to be launching a new program, and I can’t even focus on what I’m supposed to be doing because of all of this chaos.”

She replied: “Oh, you’re hitting an upper limit. You’re just having an upper-limiting problem. You just gotta get through it, then everything will be fantastic.”

And I thought … “What the heck is an upper-limiting problem? Did you not hear what I said? Why is this happening to me right now?”

She told me to read the book, The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks, so I did.

Then I discovered why I was really slamming into that wall…

What’s an upper-limit problem?

Basically, when you’re trying to expand, doing something new, or taking a big leap, the crap hits the fan — all at once.

You start to go for it…then you HIT A WALL.

It may feel like the universe is conspiring against you, like you’re being tested, or like all signs point to NOT following your goals. If you take these events at face value, you might go back to  playing small, and shrinking, instead of expanding.

In reality, this resistance is generated by our egos trying to keep us in a safe place, or by a limiting belief that conflicts with what you’re trying to achieve.

You think it’s all a coincidence, or a round of really bad luck, but if you pull back the curtain, here’s what’s behind it:

“If I lose my voice every time I’m about to go live on Facebook, I don’t have to risk someone making a rude comment.”

“If I have to deal with the chaos at home, I won’t be able to launch my new program and risk not making any sales.”

“If I twist my ankle in the airport, I’ll miss my flight and not be able to speak in front of 500 people at that event.”

Now, I’m NOT saying you’re twisting your ankle or breaking your appliances on purpose, I’m saying you are subconsciously sabotaging yourself. The universe hears your pleas and is cooperating fully.

When you see an upper-limit problem for what it truly is, you can push past it. You’ll keep expanding and keep challenging yourself to move beyond your comfort zone. As a result, you’ll break through to a whole new level inside of your life and business.

But how?

What to do when you hit an upper limit

When it seems like everything’s going wrong, take a look at what you’re doing in your business, and what your mind BELIEVES about what you’re doing.

Where are you growing? Where are you expanding? Where are you feeling the urge to hide again? Where are you breaking through a limit?

Say you have a podcast interview coming up that you’re really nervous about. You try to think of every reason possible to cancel it, but you do it anyway. Now, you’ve given yourself evidence that, “Okay, I can do this. I didn’t die. It was actually great.” You have established a new comfort level.

Be gentle with yourself if you’re feeling that resistance. Your mind is going to give you every reason NOT to show up, NOT to take a chance, NOT to play big. Give yourself patience, grace, and self-compassion. Recognize that you’re trying to do something new, and sometimes running a business and showing up is really freaking hard.

Beyond awareness and mentally working through your upper-limit problems, you can establish habits and accountability.

  • Commit to small, daily  actions that take you toward your big goal, and help you build a habit. 
  • Ask someone on your team to hold you accountable for recording content for a course by a set date, or going live 3 times a week, etc. 
  • Go public with your goal. If I announce publicly, “I’m going to launch XYZ,” I will keep pushing through my own limits to honor the commitment I’ve made to others.

The key is to experiment and find what works for you, and most importantly, to never give up on yourself.

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