How Funnel Hacking Live Sold $13M of Coaching in 4 Days

February 26, 2019

(And How I’ll Be Implementing the Same Tactics – and How You Can, Too!)

There was recently an event and conference in the digital marketing space called Funnel Hacking Live that gathered 4500 “Funnel Hackers” and marketers over a 5 day period. I’ve gone in previous years, but I wasn’t able to make it due to previous commitments this year. While I had a raging levels of FOMO, I also really enjoyed being able to see the event over social media from thousands of different perspectives.

During the event, ClickFunnels sells their 2 Comma Club X Coaching program, which sells for $25K ($30K with a payment plan) – doing the math, that’s roughly $2500/mo. for a year.

My marketing curiosity peaked when I talked to multiple people (via email and FB messenger) that told me “I’m going to Funnel Hacking Live, but I’m not going to buy into any programs when I’m there”.

And Every. Single. Person. I had spoken with ended up signing up for 2CCX.

What is this marketing and sales sorcery?

How can someone be dead-set against buying something, then 4 days later, excitedly join the program? As a marketer and sales person for my own business, I find it fascinating… so, I wanted to study the event and breakdown for you exactly why this type of environment creates loads of buyers (approximately 520 of them in the case of FHL).

Here are six of the things that Funnel Hacking Live gets very, very right.

CULT-ure – The FHL Family:

From the moment you walk in to FHL, you feel like you’re joining up to a family reunion. From all of the self-identifying “Funnel Hacker” decor, to the t-shirt swag, and digital marketing language use and even down to identifying which mentor’s sub-tribe you’re part of. People feel safe at the event. They feel like they’ve found “their people”. They’re in a position to be understood and safely express their ideas, not to be misunderstood by those who just “don’t get it”.  They want to be one with the crowd of people who have already had success and may have been previously standing in the same spot they are.

People colored their hair blue and orange before the event.

People got ClickFunnels manicures.

They spent days in the FB group setting up meet-ups and dinners, and special add-on mastermind events.

People feel like they belong – like the brand has become their family. And THAT is powerful AF. From the swag buttons to co-mingling with the Inner Circle mentors many attendees admire and aspire to be (selfie opps included!), it definitely knows what to do to make people feel “at home”.

Their Manifesto – Rallying Cry:

Part of the cult-ure creation comes from a strong manifesto. A rallying cry that outlines the values of the members of the CF Fam. For ClickFunnels, it’s all about living a life of freedom based on the business you’ve built. Having a manifesto that people can get behind gives them a common cause.

In 2018, Russell Brunson opened the ceremony by reading this quote from Steve Jobs:

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

I cried. I got the cause and understand and value the rally cry.


When you’re at an event like this, the outside world ceases to exist.

I saw evidence of this by the sheer amount of people at the event posting “What day is it?!” 

The event lasts from sun up to (beyond) sun down, with speakers, live music, round table Q+A, sales seminars and special guest presentations. You’re so immersed in your inspiration that it’s hard to remember there is life outside of ClickFunnels and your fellow online business owners.

It’s a whirlwind and an adrenaline rush all in one. (Though, a shoutout to my introvert friends, many of them were able to find spaces within the event to recharge.)

Joining Together for a Common Good:

When people join together behind a common goal, it creates a bond.

In ClickFunnels case, they’ve partnered with Operation Underground Railroad (and raised a MILLION dollars for them at the event.)

Mother Teresa famously said: “If I look at the mass, I will never act. If I look at the one, I will.”

Our compassion and generosity should grow as the number of poor and suffering increases, but the opposite seems to occur. Some numbers are just too big and abstract to grasp, so they lose their power. At the FHL event, the founder of Operation Underground Railroad shares his specific stories.

A movie is shown which creates attachment to ONE specific child, sharing their story. People feel the emotional tug of that one specific story, and are inspired to tag action.

Of course, ClickFunnels, understanding human buying psychology as they do, takes it a step further and allows people to stand out when they’ve donated, with a special t-shirt and bracelet.

Which, believe it or not, feeds our ego and our need for status. Getting to walk around in a t-shirt that tells everyone you supported the special cause actually inspires a lot of people to take that action – it enhances their social status. People enjoy being seen as generous or wealthy enough to donate.

Donating to a cause also enhances chemistry in our brains that gives us an “after-glow” feeling – a dopamine rush that just makes us want to have more of that feeling.


The predecessor to any purchase is belief.

….I believe this product will get rid of my wrinkles.

….I believe these shoes will give me the look I want to achieve and make me stand taller than 5’2.

….I believe this food will nourish me.

Inspiring your audience that they can have anything they want in life is a great predecessor for selling your program to get said result. The speakers and award winners at FHL do a great job of storytelling in a way that lets you envision yourself in their shoes. You’re inspired and operating in such a high-energy state that the world is your oyster.

A lot of the presentations help people gain clarity on their “why”. The reason why their businesses are so important to them. Their why is their motivation that keeps them going even when self-discipline fails. With this level of inspiration front and center, people will do just about anything to make it happen.

I was scrolling through my newsfeed and showing my husband all of the videos of people taking inspired action during the event… almost every other video was someone sharing their takeaways – this shows just how powerful inspiration is towards action taking.

Implementable Takeaways for Quick Wins:

Nearly every speaker has a rags to riches story, it usually sounds something like this “Just two years ago, I was sitting in the very seats you’re in right now. I was struggling, I was confused, I wanted to grow my business – and then… I found [solution = ClickFunnels.].”

It makes it feel very real. Very palpable. Like it’s just a matter of self-belief and wanting it bad enough and you too, can be on the stage. The presenters also do a great job of breaking it down and keeping it simple. By sharing a few implementable takeaways, people feel like they can take action quickly and get a bit of momentum under their belts. And…. action = confidence.

Award Winners 

How CF Did It:

During FHL, there’s a presentation of the “2 Comma Club” winners. Those that have pushed 1 million dollars worth of sales through the ClickFunnels software. It’s like the pinnacle award of online business. It’s what everyone in the audience aspires to create – roughly $83K per month of income to hit that million dollar mark. In fact, they created their entire coaching program, and the one that inspired this blog post, around helping people to reach that goal. It’s aspirational, and by seeing all of the winners, with their framed gold disc ClickFunnels discs makes it seem totally attainable.

With the perfect positioning, inspiration, self-belief, clarity, quick wins, aspiration, exclusivity and a strong sense of community – it’s no wonder that 520 out of 4500 people bought the program. That’s an 11.25% conversion rate – when most benchmark sales funnels are around 3% conversion.

How You Can Do It:

While you make not be in the market or of the influence to put together a week long, million dollar conference, you can easily implement these elements in your next launch – even if it’s all based online.

Sell the Result

If there’s one thing that ClickFunnels has done well in designing and selling their 2CCX Coaching program, it’s focusing on and selling the result. From newbies to more experienced business owners alike, the result of the program is clear: walking across the stage at next year’s FHL event and collecting your 2 Comma Club award.

Their entire pitch focuses on what steps they’ve outlined as necessary to make a million dollars in your business: strategy, team building, implementation.


Let me repeat it again for the people in the back. Here’s how you can sell more like ClickFunnels:

  • Create a Culture: Don’t be afraid to be polarizing. Not everyone will like you and that’s (better than) okay.

  • Stand Behind a Manifesto

  • Create Support for a Common Mission: During your next launch, offer X% to the charity of your choice.

  • Add an Award or a Certification Program for Aspiration

  • Focus on Building Self-Belief – Mindset is our biggest battle as entrepreneurs.

  • Provide Quick Wins – Encourage action taking and implementing. Keep things simple.

  • Focus on selling the result.

If you can add each of these tactics to your next launch, I have no doubt you’ll be happy with the results. As much as I wish I would have been able to attend the event, I found value from afar, and I already know, I will NOT be missing FHL in 2020.

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