tornado-funnelDoes your sales funnel feel more like a tornado than a calculated, measured process which ends in meeting goals and making sales? There are so many ways to bring traffic into your funnel, whether paid or organic, and I’ll be working my way through a blogging series of my FAVORITE ways to get more traffic into your funnel.

In the next five posts, I’ll be talking about utilizing the following campaign tools to get more people into your funnel.

  1. Facebook ads
  2. Organic Facebook traffic
  3. Webinars
  4. Instagram
  5. Video Creation

A few notes before we dive in though:

You have to know what you’re selling and to whom.
You can’t have an optimized funnel if you aren’t crystal clear about what you’re bringing to the market and what your ideal client looks like.

Don’t forget about the people.
I’m all about people to people – forget business to business and/or business to consumer. There are people behind the businesses and people behind your conversion goals. Keep the people in mind when you’re visualizing your campaign funnel.

Be willing to survey “your people”.
You might know your people and know what you’re selling, but do me a favor and read the book Ask by Ryan Levesque, and ask your potential customers what it is they want (not in those exact words of course, because many of your customers may not even know). This can have a huge effect on how you build out your sales funnel… from the verbiage you use to how you package your services and frame your customer interactions.

Don’t get overwhelmed.
Your sales tornado, er.. funnel may behave like the storm it resembles. There are lots of moving pieces ebbing and flowing and that’s okay. As a business owner, marketing can be a roller coaster between viewing it at 10,000 feet and trying to swat your way through the fog at the bottom. We can work through it together, building it out, step-by-step, making it easy, and not-overwhelming.

Do you have questions about building out a sales funnel? Where do you get stuck?

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