I’ve always done things differently. That’s probably why I lasted less than four years in the “real world” of corporate marketing agency politics, before jumping ship to start my own business.


Those rebel tendencies followed me into entrepreneurship, too.


While my peers were leading with “FREE VALUE” this and “FREEBIE PDF” that, I never saw the point of growing an email list that way.


It felt like a lot of effort with little to no return on my investment.


Everyone says you NEED an email list, but they leave out the details of HOW to grow that list in a way that actually supports your business and puts money in your pocket.


What usually happens? You end up growing a list of freebie seekers, instead of growing a list of future buyers.


If you’re here, you likely either purchased my Livestream365 calendar or the Visibility Bundle, or you’ve at least seen the ads.


That product and sequence is what finally got me away from freebies and raving about Tiny Offers instead.


You see, it wasn’t until I developed a Tiny Offer that I finally felt good about growing my email list… and it changed my entire business.


*** If you want to know exactly how it changed my business and get an inside look at the entire system, sign up for a free, live masterclass here. ***


Now, back to the Tiny Offer…think back to your experience. You probably saw my ad and thought: “Oooh, YES! I HAVE been thinking that I need to be more visible in my business. This will make it SOOO much easier.”


Here’s how the offer unfolded: $27 main offer >> additional $37 product on the checkout form >> after checkout, buyers were able to add ANOTHER program for $77.


Nothing about this was random.


The products were designed in a VERRRRY specific order to solve a pain point, agitate another pain point, then offer a second solution for the new pain point, in what I call “the solve/agitate buying cycle”.


This process works because it captures attention in a safe, non-threatening way, and continues the client journey by offering a suite of products that are related and all help move your customer toward a specific, quick-win end result — building a huge amount of trust in the process.


There’s a lot more to the Tiny Offer System that I designed — like, more than I can fit in this post.


But one of the questions I get ALL the time, is “what tools do you use to make this happen?”

The tools I use for this system include:


  1. ClickFunnels
  2. ActiveCampaign
  3. MemberVault 


Of course, I give even more details on this system in my free masterclass: TinyOfferLab.com


See you there!

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