I’m admittedly super nerdy when it comes to consuming as much content as I can about marketing, business and self-development, and I recently finished reading a book all about persuasion marketing as it relates to neuromarketing — basically the things that light up our brains and make us want to say “YES!” to a sales offer.

We all have parallel triggers that make us want to buy things, #becausescience.

But what I found even more interesting, is how oddly similar the persuasion marketing techniques and tactics lined up with the strategies mentioned in the classic book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” written by Dale Carnegie and originally published waaay back in 1936.

The sales mediums have changed, but strategies haven’t.

I work on these “strategies” and “tactics” with my business coaching clients, but I hate to even call them “strategies and tactics” because that can feel manipulative and disingenuous.

They are the things that make people LIKE us. They are the ways that we can show up and let people know that they can TRUST us. Because we want to buy from people that we know, like and trust, right?

So what were the main similarities between the suggestions in the persuasion marketing book and Dale Carnegie’s?

>>Show trust to gain trust, feeling trusted releases oxytocin, and builds bonds. That’s why the “I’m trusting you with these business secrets” line works so well. Other ways to show trust include offering trial periods to your product, free strategy calls or even product samples.

>>Flattery leaves a strong and lasting impression. When you’re posting and building relationships in Facebook groups, respond to people’s comments, tag and acknowledge them using their first names and compliment them in an authentic way.

>>Learn and remember people’s names. We love the sound of our own names, don’t we? When you first see a group photo, whose face do you look for first? Your own. It’s not narcissism, it’s just human nature. Showing people you care about THEM makes them care about you. As you are working to grow your business, keep a spreadsheet (or use a customer relationship manager, or CRM, like Streak, Insightly or Cloze, to take notes about everything you learn when you talk to someone), then you have it to review before talking to them again.

>>Smile! Whenever you’re on a coffee chat, Facebook Live, or discovery call (even just audio!), make sure you’re smiling the entire time. People respond positively to those that smile, it even triggers mirror neurons that might even make them smile back at you.

Of course there were plenty more tactics, but I just wanted to share a few as they relate to our industries. They’re simple sales and marketing tips that we sometimes overlook. As someone who does FB ads I know all of the strategies related to the “FB slot machine” can seem sexier but these tried and true techniques are what build your funnel and make ads actually work for you.

Try them. It will work. You can trust me. ;)

Can you think of ways to bring these strategies into your sales funnels or Facebook ads?

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