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If you’ve been posting the right content on social media at the right times without seeing results, there’s a reason why.

Social media strategy is a piece of the overall picture, but it’s not always enough to close the deal.

It’s hard to measure.

As a coach or an online business owner, you’re either making sales or you’re not. With social media, the ROI is very hard to measure. When you tie social media use into a marketing funnel, with a strategic combination of Facebook ads, opt-ins, guides, e-mail streams, mini-courses, videos, challenges, webinars and high-quality sales pages, it becomes a very different picture, and it makes a world of difference.

As a marketing funnel specialist and online business strategist, my main concerns for you are conversions and sales. If you’re interested in key performance indicators or measurement metrics that can be tracked in social media, Hootsuite published a great list of available social media KPIs that you may want to consider when tracking social media alone.

Know and understand your KPIs.

What are your key performance indicators? Do you know what social media should be bringing your direction? If you have 5,000 people that like your business page, does it matter if no one is responding to (or seeing) your posts? Your measurements should relate to things that are going to make your business money.

How does social media play into my sales funnel?

Social media is a very valuable and important part of any online sales funnel.

A marketing funnel or sales funnel should really be called a TRUST funnel. The entire act of creating a sales funnel is to create gradual steps in which our audience can learn to trust you. They learn to trust that you’ll provide the services you say you will. They learn to trust that you’re the authority. Your audience will learn you’re worth their investment.

There are ways to easily build social media into your funnel, to supplement what you’ve already been doing online. You can easily use it as a platform to connect with your targeted audience. Find out what Facebook groups they belong to and start making conversation with the tribe.

  • You can post stories to start building relationships with members.
  • Offer valuable answers to their questions and you’ll start building your reputation as someone to contact when they’re ready to take action.
  • Create leading posts, talking about the success of your clients, and how honored you were to have helped.

Another bonus of using social media in your sales or marketing funnel, is that not everyone is at the same place in buying decision process. Social media allows you to reach potential customers before they know they need you. When it comes to decision making, there are likely three groups. Some aren’t even aware they have a problem that you could solve. Another group, has started to become aware of their issues and may be starting to collect information about how to fix it, and the third group, is greedily gobbling up all the information they can, desperate for someone to present the solution they need.

Marketing funnels, similarly referred to as Inbound Marketing, is the act of meeting the customer where they are, so that they can come to YOU when they’re ready to buy, versus consistently interrupting them with loud ads, pushy sales or sleazy tactics. A strategic, seamless marketing funnel brings the leads to you. You know, that whole make money while you’re sleeping thing.

Whether you’re a coach looking to bring in more leads with less work or a creative service provider looking to bring in new clients (or even launch your first course), creating a sales funnel will let you focus on serving your clients, versus constantly spending time hunting for new ones.

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