Give Yourself Permission to Stop Looking for Your Business “Savior”


We’ve all been there…Searching for the next course, coach, tactic, or strategy that will “save” the business, or finally make it work.

What if there is no business “savior”?

I can tell you, based on my experience and the patterns I’ve noticed with my clients and students:

There is NOT a single tactic, strategy, coach, or course that’s going to solve all of your problems and help you hit all of your goals. 

And giving yourself complete permission to STOP looking for the mythical once-and-for-all solution is a critical factor in your success and ability to keep growing and scaling your business.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t invest in your business. There is a world of incredible resources to be had, and if it makes sense for you, you absolutely should invest.

My best investments have been in exactly what I need next (not what I might need 5 years from now), what helps me grow personally (a mindset coach), what helps me scale (Facebook ads), and what saves my precious time and energy (a team that supports me).

So, how do you figure out what to invest in?

Searching for the answers

The reason most business owners are constantly looking for that “next thing” and never quite finding it?

They’re looking in the wrong place.

The answers can only truly come from YOU.

Sure, you can get expert advice, learn new skills and systems, and follow a proven path to success.

But only YOU can make your business work. Only YOU can decide what feels right for you. Only YOU know what you want. Only YOU can make your dreams a reality.

There’s a level of ownership that has to come from deep down. That radical personal responsibility has to be a decision you make in your core. You have to come to terms with the fact that there’s not a business guru who can give you all of the answers. It’s always going to come from inside. 

You have a deep knowing, a gut instinct that tells you if something’s a good idea or not. You always know. You don’t need someone else to tell you if it’s right or not.

Look, I’ve been there. I’ve thought, “This is the mentor, the program, the mastermind, this is the thing that’s going to finally get my business to the level I want.”

But it wasn’t until I had a shift in my energy and beliefs that my business finally started taking off. I had to take ownership. I had to do the work.

Instead of asking for other people’s approval all the time…Instead of trying to get validation from a coach, from a peer, from a mastermind buddy…I had to dig deep into my intuition, instead of looking for validation outside of myself…I had to go all in — with the belief that this is the best thing I could create.

The real cause of shiny object syndrome

The buy-buy-buy cycle is based in fear and self-doubt — fear of failure, fear of making the “wrong” decision, and doubt that you could actually have the answers.

You’re jumping from topic to topic, focus to focus, pivoting in different directions because there’s an underlying fear that either you’re not enough, or the business is not enough. So, you’re going to constantly jump from either coach to coach, or even constantly change your own offers, because there’s a fear of missing out.

When you step out of the fear and self-doubt and begin to listen to and trust yourself, you’ll be able to easily turn down distractions, and say no to not-the-right-time opportunities, even if they seem great or are on sale!

When you know, deep down, who you are, what you have to offer to the world, and what your superpower is, you can translate that into a product that has a demand.

That’s when you can stop relying on outside feedback, and you can adopt a minimalistic strategy. You can be consistent because it’s simple. You have a clear idea of your path because you’re not being pulled in 100 different directions, based on what the strategy of the day is.

Operating from a place of fear and doubt is completely crippling to your growth because you’re always second-guessing yourself. You end up going in a direction that you don’t like, that’s wrong for your business, because you trusted what someone else said more than what you KNEW.

The bottom line is this:

The REAL problem isn’t usually your strategy or tactics — it’s your mindset. Until you get this right, nothing else will work, and you’ll keep suffering from shiny object syndrome and searching for the next “savior.”

Today, I want you to ask yourself: “If I trusted myself and believed I had the answers, what would I do next?”

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