A word, dear readers,

I had a moment last Friday morning where I was reminded of the greatest gift my business has provided for my life and for the life of my children… the freedom of choice and the freedom of having a weekly schedule that was totally open.

Last Friday, I was visiting a beach in Duluth, MN, located right on Lake Superior. It’s about as close to an ocean as I can get around here. Looking out over the water, there are no shores in sight. And it totally refreshed my WHY.

Two years ago, on that same beach, I sat with my kids and watched my phone ping (out of the corner of my eye… I was being attentive to my kids, I swear, don’t come for me) with Tiny Offer sales and Stripe notifications, and I had the realization that life would never be the same.

I’d cracked some code that shifted my beliefs about making money. And some doubt of worthiness and “will this even work” or “is this possible for me” had begun to melt away.

I could make money with my brain. My investments could make fast returns, that I could re-invest or take as owners’ draws.

My time per hour would never hold an exact dollar amount again.

I’ve heard it said “If You Want Something Done, Ask a Busy Person To Do It”, because we will always find a way.

People ask me all the time, “How do you get it all done?”, “How are you so productive?” and “So visible all the time.” And truth be told, it’s only a matter of efficiency and systems.

I’m NOT that busy. This summer, I’m pretty much only working Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

I’ve just built funnels and automations to make it look like I am. I’ve identified my big domino and hip-checked it into even bigger dominos. I invest money into ads, visibility and team members, because I’ve realized how much I value being intentional with how I spend my time.

(And sometimes, I hide behind my funnels – which is dangerous for a business in a different way… BUT is a story for a different day.)

Here are some recommendations if you’re trying to figure out where to start:

  • Pick one source of traffic and one ideal client. Try to actually connect with them as a human – compliment them, ask them questions about themselves and work towards creating a mutual interest. (But not in an annoying, over-the-top way that is obvious to them… ask me how I know about that.) 🤨🥴
  • Start with organic traffic. “Organic” can be considered anything you do for marketing that only costs you your time, and not your money. So anytime you write a blog, record a podcast, or post on social media (without boosting it!), that would be considered organic marketing and would lead to organic growth. Paid media is any type of marketing for which you’ve taken out your credit card to set up.
  • Test out different types of messaging to see what sticks.

And my recommendations when you’re looking to scale your business:

  • Study the crap out of your profit and loss statements. Cut the excess fat relentlessly.
  • Get really familiar with how much it costs to attain a lead, and how that compares to your average customer lifetime value.
  • Hire a team to support you and don’t feel like you have to solve your problems all on your own. Trust them and ask them for constructive criticism, even when it’s hard to hear. (Ahem, visionaries gon’ vision.)
  • Read business books from other industries or biographies of successful entrepreneurs. It can be so inspiring.*
  • Invest your money and check on it daily to stay inspired on working towards your goals.*

(**Though I guess some of these could apply to starting, too.)
Other tips for effective and efficient human-ing:

  • Get enough sleep. (Telling myself this one, too.)
  • Move your body daily.
  • Eat whole, healthy foods that actually nourish your body and make you feel confident. I’ve lost ten of my Covid pounds in the last few weeks from shifting my nutrition alone and counting my macros.
  • Cut out sugar and alcohol.
  • Establish routines that eliminate decision fatigue – entrepreneurs have enough ideas to consider.
  • Be okay with taking the scenic route towards success. I’ve had the realization that I could look more successful on paper if I worked 60 hours a week and hired someone else to watch my kids full-time. Sure. But that’s not my journey. Not right now. And sometimes that means I take it day by day to assess and revisit my goals, priorities, and intentions.

(And truth be told, some days… that means reminding myself to keep going for just one. more. day. Telling myself that today is NOT the day that I will quit.)

Our main freedom as entrepreneurs is choosing our thoughts and aligning our focus. It’s remembering that where our energy goes, our attention flows. There’s a reason you trip up the stairs, spill coffee and wash a diaper with the laundry all on the same day. Just like there’s a reason that the sun shines, your favorite package gets delivered and you have a good hair day all at the same time. We get what we expect to get and we create the reality that we believe we’re worthy of having.

Remember that. <3


This isn’t meant to be a sales post, but there is something else I’d like to say.

If you’re here, you’re likely living in a country that is blessed with safety and freedom or you’re building a business that’s focused on being your own boss so you can do whatever, whenever.

Politics aside, because I won’t write about politics, like ever, there is a cause that I feel called to support. Afghanistan women are facing violence and so much uncertainty. I journaled this morning about feeling so helpless against all of the evil in the world. I wrote “There’s literally nothing I can do other than share love and to raise kind humans.”, but I realized those aren’t my only options.

All of the proceeds from any sales made at shop.alliebjerk.com this week will be donated to Women for Women, International.

In the past, I’ve donated to O.U.R., Feeding America, Malala Fund and National Urban League – so moving forward, I plan on donating ALL of the net revenue of any of my templates, workbooks and bundle sales from shop.alliebjerk.com to a non-profit organization on a rotating basis because that IS something I can do – something that we can do.

Talk soon,

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