The Biggest Mistakes Digital Product Creators Make (And What to Do Instead)

The Biggest Mistakes Digital Product Creators Make (And What to Do Instead)

Most digital product creators doom their offers right from the start by making this one huge mistake…

They run ads to a low-ticket standalone offer they *think* the audience needs, and they wait as the sales don’t roll in. 

I can’t count the number of messages I’ve gotten, all saying something like: “Allie, I created a $27 product like your Livestream365 Calendar and ran ads to it, but it’s not selling. HELP!”

Simply slapping together a funnel based on a low-priced offer does NOT guarantee success. 

If an offer is not selling, it’s usually one of three things:

  1. The offer itself (which we’ll cover in this post)
  2. The wrong people are seeing it
  3. The copy isn’t working


Without the right offer, you’re sunk. And it makes sense. 

Think about the last time you bought something. What was the offer? What was special about it? What problem did it solve for you? What goal did it help you achieve?

We know the offer is the key to sales. Yet, so many product creators seem to FORGET this when launching their own offer. 

Here’s where they go wrong: 

They create an offer that they KNOW the audience needs. 

But, wait, that sounds logical.

It is. But you’re launching what YOU want them to buy, what YOU believe they need. And even if you’re right about them needing it, it still won’t sell. Why?

Because your offer should be what your audience THINKS it needs to solve the problem, or help them achieve their goals. 

So, if you’ve skipped the crucial step of figuring out what your audience thinks they need the most, your audience will skip right over the buy button too.  

You need to meet them where they are and build trust with THE RIGHT people.

You have to know what your audience wants — not what you think they need.

Don’t Let Your Offer Go Solo

Let’s say you DO take the time to figure out exactly what your audience wants to buy. Your offer can still flop if you make this next mistake: 

Building a solo product.

You might think a single product makes sense at a low price point. Sure, if you’re selling a gadget. (Even then, there are opportunities to sell more.)

When it comes to digital offer, you need a PRODUCT SUITE.

And not just a random bundle of previous freebies turned into a low-priced offer.  

You need a strategic product suite that harnesses psychological buying triggers and automatically overcomes objections.

A product suite that meets your customer where they are and anticipates what they’ll want next.

A product suite that solves every pain point for them, before they even realize they have it.

My Tiny Offer is a PRODUCT SUITE, not a stand-alone product.

Each product leads logically to the next, all solving connected pain points, and the bonuses address common objections. 

I utilize direct-response copywriting strategies and messaging. And I use paid media for a limitless flow of leads to the offer. 

It works — bringing in an average of $43K a month. 

Want a non-digital example? Meet the Sundae-lovers’ dream endcap at Target:

Someone clearly thought about the customer’s desired end result (making the yummiest Sundae imaginable).  Then they READ THEIR MINDS to make it all readily available and within reach.

They even thought of objections — no ice cream scoop? no problem! This would be one of the bonuses in the offer suite.

By creating well thought-out offer suites like this, buying from you becomes a no brainer.

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