The Easiest Way to Get Your Sales Page Written ASAP

The Easiest Way to Get Your Sales Page Written ASAP

I don’t know about you, but I have personally stared at a blank Google Doc for more hours of my life than I would like to admit.

I’ve found that when you start in a different order, when you don’t start at the top, it is so much easier to do.

I think it’s the same with anything you’re writing. If you’re writing a blog post or a social media post, if you start in the middle, it can be easier to work your way back into the introduction, or the areas of the ad where you’re trying to hook the reader in to stop their scroll.

Write What You Know First

What does the offer include?

Before you can do anything else, you need to know very well the depth of what your product has and what the bonuses are. To sit down in front of a blank Google Doc and write out what you’re selling is going to be much easier than if you start with trying to craft this perfect attention-catching hook.

Always start with the Offer section first.

Then, because you know your bio, you know why you’re trusted, write that part next.

Write the FAQ section, thinking through all of the possible questions someone could ask when they land on your sales page, and also include that final call to action at the bottom.

Paint a Picture

Once you finish those pieces, you’re going to be feeling pretty good. So then you take a step back, and you start painting the picture for your audience. Once you know what your offer is and what you’re creating, it’s going to be much easier now to help your buyers envision what it’s like with your product in their life and knowing what else they want.

➡ Why would they buy your product?

➡ What’s in it for them?

➡ How does this help create that transformation for them?

Next, back up another step and start presenting the backstory and the problem. Why does your audience need this transformation? Why is this important for them to do now? How is their future feeling bleak based on shared beliefs, and what is their standard belief right now?

Create the Hook

Once you’ve completed all of those pieces, and you feel like you have a pretty good idea of the offer, helping them envision the transformation and allowing them to recognize their pain points.

You can now get a better idea of how to create that bold promise, that hook that’s at the top, and the pattern interrupt of getting them to start paying attention within the first five milliseconds of being on your page. What’s different about this offer? What’s your bold claim, your promise of why they should spend more time reading the rest of your sales page?

Mine is how to book out your business in just three and a half minutes a day using live streams. It’s very time-based. It’s how to execute the task in the set amount of results to get a specific outcome.

Biggest Takeaway

The writing process is nonlinear. You do not have to start at the top first.

You can jump around the sales page if you want. If you’re presenting the offer and you say, “I created this piece because I know that they want to work fewer hours,” or, “I know that they want to have a better relationship with their spouse,” you can jump around once you’re presenting the offer and the bonuses. 

When you start in the middle, it’s much easier because you have a good feel for your offer, and then it eliminates that blank page, the writer’s block feeling.

Also, as you’re walking through your offer and bonuses, it’s bringing back those emotions of the picture that you’ll need to paint for your buyers’ transformation much more easily than if you just sat down first and tried to write through the transformation process. This is the gist of writing the sales page and the order that I would recommend doing it.

All Content Comes From the Sales Page

Now that your sales page is written, guess what?

You’ve got all of the content for your emails, social media, what to talk about when you’re live or posting to your stories. All content comes from the sales page.

Answering questions about your offer? The same content as your FAQ section.

Explaining what the results are? That’s on your sales page.

Overarching promise you’re making to them when they purchase? It’s the same as the hook at the top of the page.

Write your sales page and all of your other content falls in line, like a domino effect. Then you just need to create your digital products that make up your offer!

Want Me to Build Your Digital Products?

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