We shy away from sales, yet think about the last time you finally bought something you REALLY wanted. How fun was that purchase?


People “feel weird” selling when they think they’re trying to push something people don’t actually want..


But what happens when you flip the script and you sell in a way that matches the way you’d want to buy or be sold to.


Be EXCITED to sell and people will feel that energy. Create a HECK YES, I need this feeling and belief around your own products and offers and your audience will feel that way too.

If you’re not excited about what you’re selling, time to go back to the drawing board.


Back when I was running an advertising agency, one of the first questions people would ask me is “What’s a good ad budget?”


Oftentimes, I’d respond with the question “Well, how long is a string?”


Yeah, I know that question doesn’t make sense without any context… and neither does the ad question.


You see, a huge shift that my most successful clients have made is realizing that the DOLLAR AMOUNT spent on ads is not relevant as long as you’re bringing in a return on investment and making that profit.


If you could go to a vending machine that sold you $2 for the price of $1, wouldn’t you LOVE that vending machine?


If you’ve run ads in the past and you’ve lost money, however, it’s not your fault – you were simply using the wrong system.


Introducing… the Waterfall Ad Scaling Method – this is the ad scaling method I used to turn $17 into $340K.


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