leadersI’m a social media expert. And I say that loosely. Anyone taking the time to pay attention to the right “thought leaders”, “influencers” and current social media blog updates can call themselves an expert. Anyone trying to sell you on their services might call themselves an expert. Their bios usually read something like #mogul, #socialmedia #7figureincome. Am I right? Who in their right, humble mind would admit “Well… yes, I have a good understanding of social media and it’s interworkings, but I’m just not sure I’d call myself an ‘expert’.”. You are. Be humble, but trust yourself. That’s half the battle.

To some extent, we’re all fumbling around, waiting for Facebook’s algorithm to magically show our posts again (for free), or competing with someone who is buying their followers on Twitter, but preaching that the right followers will come organically. We’re all waiting and wanting to become early adopters of the next big thing so that we can figure out how to use it to sell our products.

But who is leading the pack? One well-known expert could post a blog saying “Periscope is the new Snapchat”. (Which, for businesses, it could be.) How many people will turn around and rewrite the same thing, or share the same thought with their own customers. While someone else could write an opposing blog, and perhaps THAT opinion would spread like wildfire. There sits the entrepreneur, head in their hands, wondering what on Earth to do with their social media since they certainly can’t figure it out. You can. Just don’t place the weight of the world on the opinion of one “expert”.

The point I’m trying to make, is that no single “expert” opinion should be taken as the end all and be all of social-media-correct-usage. If somewhere along the line, someone tells you to only post once a day on Instagram, are you going to only post once a day until the end of Instagram’s existence? How will you know if posting 2-3 times a day might actually drive 30% more sales? The best way to find your groove in social media is to test, test, test. Every business has a different personality, so each niche, while similar, still needs a unique approach.

I’m certainly not saying don’t ever hire someone to professionally manage your social media. (I’d be out of a job if that was the case.) If that’s a ball in your court that should bounce out and relieve some of your stress, then yes, hire away. Professional social media-ers know A LOT of the right tools. They have the right connections to get your content out there. If you’re looking to hire a social media consultant, look for one whom understands the best practices, but is willing to step out of comfort zones and try new things for your business. Or, Mr. or Mrs. business owner, read the blogs, of all differentiating opinions, and trust yourself as a human, who understands other humans, and just be real.

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