We’ve all heard about the power of social media to grow your audience, make a bigger impact, and, ultimately, make more revenue.

The problem is…most business owners are doing it wrong (or skipping it all together) because they believe these 3 myths about social media. 


Myth #1: “My clients are busy and don’t have time for social media.”

Every single one of us claims to be too busy to scroll. But the truth is: We are hooked to our devices for the majority of our day. 

“American adults spend more than 11 hours per day watching, reading, listening to or simply interacting with media, according to a new study by market-research group Nielsen.” [Source]

If we sleep 8 hours a day, that leaves only 16 hours a day for everything else. Spending 11 of those hours on our devices is equal to a whopping 69 percent of our waking hours. 

And you can bet that social media is one of our go-to daily digital indulgences. 

In fact, users in North America spend an average of 2 hours and 6 minutes on social media per day. [Source]

Add the fact that half the world’s population is now on social media — 2.95 BILLION people — and your ideal clients are almost guaranteed to be spending a significant amount of time on social media every day. [Source]

No question about it. Your ideal clients are on social media, no matter how busy they are. 

The real question is: Are you? How is your business showing up on social media?

With all of the competition in the feed for already limited attention spans, you might be thinking…


Myth #2: “No one wants to see ads or hear about my business on social media.”

While many of us consider social media an escape from our daily lives, the truth is: business has its place there too. 

Social media advertising, for all the gripes about it, is a BIG business. Facebook’s ad revenue in 2019 was $69.7 billion. [Source]

It’s safe to say that using social media for both paid advertisement and organic reach isn’t going away anytime soon.

And when done well, it simply works to help you get in front of the right audience at the right time.

Speaking of getting in front of your audience, how exactly do you do that when…


Myth #3: “I’m too busy to post about my business/I’m not good at social media.”

Yes, entrepreneurs can be legitimately busy, especially when you consider all of the other roles we have to play in a day. But the truth is: We make time for what matters, or we don’t.

After working with hundreds of students and clients who all have a ton of responsibility on their plates, I can tell you that “I’m too busy” is usually an excuse. It’s something we say to avoid doing the things we’re afraid to do. 

The real reason you “don’t have time” for social media in your business is because: 

  • You don’t have a plan. 
  • You’re not making it a priority.
  • You’re afraid to be visible.

And its sister excuse is: “I’m not good at social media” (or going live, or being interviewed on a podcast, etc.).

You don’t have to be a professional actor, an extrovert, or even great on video to reach your audience on social media. 

The real secret is connection. 

The whole idea behind social media is connecting with other people. 

Underneath all of the fancy marketing funnels, tech, brand photos, and graphics is REAL HUMAN CONNECTION. That’s what people are looking for with your business. That’s what know, like, and trust is all about. 


How to Connect with Live Video

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