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Three Steps to Master Before Focusing on Social Media or More Visibility

January 30, 2019

Often times, the first thing business owners default towards when they need more clients is “OH, I JUST NEED TO GET SUPER VISIBLE”. This does lead to “spaghetti on wall” style content and maybe a few (less than ideal) leads signing up for your services. It also perpetuates that all-too-well-known-anxiety-inducing phenomenon known as Feast and Famine.

It goes a little like this:

Show Up for Two Weeks —-> Get Clients / Disappear from All Media —-> End Agreement with Clients…. NO CLIENTS!??? SHOW UP NOW! I NEED TO GET NEW CLIENTS, like yesterday! I gotta pay for my tools/coach/masterminds/bills…. you name it.

It’s not very fun, but it’s very preventable with a few strategies and steps you can easily master in your business.

Get Clear Overview of Your Strategic Content Discovery Journey:

There are three states of mind someone could be in when they discover your business for the first time:

  1.  They don’t really know they have a pain point that needs fixing (yet). ***COLD TRAFFIC*
  2. They are aware they have something they’d like to improve, but they’re not hot on the trail of finding a solution (yet). ***WARM TRAFFIC
  3. They are IN PAIN and ready for a solution and researching the best options to fix that pain. ***HOT TRAFFIC

There are also FOUR TYPES of traffic that may stumble across your website or your content and those are…

  1. Organic (free/social media traffic)
  2. Referrals (either from another person or a website link),
  3. Search engine traffic (someone types in a keyword and finds you – which, there are a few grey lines when you consider that YouTube AND Pinterest both operate as a social platform AND a search engine).
  4. And PAID traffic (advertising, in other words).

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that framework down, let’s assume that there’s a 33% chance that EVERYONE who comes across your content, videos, website, ads, landing pages, sales page, etc. ends up in one of those COLD/WARM/HOT categories.

Marketing science and statistics tells us that at any given point, 3% of people will become a buyer. So if 100 people come across your website, 3 of them will be in pain and ready to fix it right now. They’ll also LIKE you and resonate with your messaging and agree that your pricing is fair.

Now, leads can come to you in many forms… personal referrals, social media followers, funnel audiences, etc., and it’s important to know where people are coming in and what type of traffic they are.

I hear from my clients a lot “Well, personal referrals are where I find my best clients.” Which, yes, if someone is actively seeking a solution to their pain point by mentioning it to a friend, the friend knows you solve this pain point, and it’s a match made in heaven. That’s the easiest to close, highest converting type of lead. The trust exists because they trust their friend who referred you, and they’re already in the market to buy.

This is why ONE blanket message across all platforms doesn’t work. This is also why people use the word “overwhelming” most often when it comes to getting visible or planning their content.

But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming… in fact, it can be pretty simple. You can pick one social platform and double down on what works (top recommendation), or you can repurpose content in different forms for different audiences.

Start thinking about what social media you’d like to use… and ask yourself:

  • “What kind of traffic would be watching a video of mine on YouTube… COLD, WARM, or HOT?”
  • “What type of content would they likely be searching for before landing on my video/seeing my pin/coming across my Instagram?”
  • “Are they looking for a solution or just browsing?”

When you can start getting inside the brains of people at different steps in their journey, you can design a content discovery process to match.

  1. Build a Seamless Sales Process:

Assuming you’re in business to make money, I would focus on creating content for your WARM to HOT traffic.

I would also focus on creating content for your top-tier clients, knowing that anyone (whether they’re ready for your highest level package or not) will ASPIRE to be in that category, but your high-end clients won’t resonate with your messaging when you’re speaking to a different audience.

When you focus on first booking out your highest end services before selling other lower-level and passive products, you’re able to operate a business that feels secure and streamlined, then hiring or contracting out the tasks to manage the content or build the lower-level programs, rather than needing to scale those smaller offers big time just to make the same dough. Working with high-level clients also allows you to dial in your craft, your systems and your processes so that you continue learning and can serve your lower-level or passive product customers with even more value.

If you’re stuck on “I JUST NEED A FUNNEL!”, I would focus on creating a seamless sales process that brings people from Case Study/Portfolio > Application > Discovery/Sales Call.

Once you get the client on the sales call, you can ask really specific questions to get a strong insight into which program they truly need. Is it 1:1 coaching? Maybe a group program? Or your done for you services? You can make the call what to sell them on the fly.

(My two other secret tips to sales calls include always scheduling a follow-up call (even if it’s 6 weeks out), so that your leads don’t get lost in the gross-feeling “JUST CHECKING IN!……” email land, and taking that first payment via Stripe while they’re excited, supported, protected and on the phone saying YESSS.)

3. Never Miss an (Onboarding) Step:

Make it easy to send your proposal, contract and invoice in one fell swoop (using a tool like Honeybook, 17 Hats, or coming soon – my version: Kaskata.)

My onboarding process includes a welcome packet, a link to book their calls, Voxer access instructions, a detailed questionnaire for my reference and a link to their fresh and shiny new Trello board and Google Drive for shared marketing collateral.

There’s no sense in creating a ton of content to attract your clients if you can’t easily BRING ON new clients. So many people are active on social media ALL DAY but haven’t spent more than 5 minutes on their client service documents or systems. Whether you realize it or not, this is a HUGE subconscious block in scaling your business. A question I once asked a client was “What would happen if you had to onboard 1 new client tomorrow?……” Okay, easy enough. “Well, what about 50? What about 100?” If you couldn’t easily onboard 50-100 new clients, then your systems need work. Even if you’re a solopreneur, you want to be in a position to contract that work out or create a group program so that your growth isn’t stunted – otherwise, what’s the point of all this content you’re creating for the masses?

Once you understand your typical journey (who they are, what’s ailing them, and what they’re seeking), lock down your sales process and WHAT you’re selling, AND you’re ready to onboard the masses with your per-fect-o systems… you’re ready to buckle down on that visibility strategy.

I do help clients with ALL of the above, so if you think you and I would be a good fit, you can fill out an application to work together here.

Thanks for being the best part of my business,

Allie B.

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