For the longest time imposter syndrome was keeping me stuck.

I would have (what I thought to be) a great idea and I’d set out to gather information and research on exactly how to put my great idea in motion.

I was so stuck in my own head, and afraid that someone else was already doing what I wanted to do. I was even telling myself that they were probably doing it better than I could do.

The comparison blues would set in, and I would hit a wall with thoughts of “why would anyone trust ME to deliver this content?” or “Why would they buy from me when someone else is already offering the same thing.” And then I’d just stop.

Instead of doing the amazing thing I had set out to do, I would back down, like a scared puppy with my tail between my legs, and retreat to my invisible offline hiding place.

And it didn’t feel good.

I am SO thankful that I have gotten past that cycle in my business, but I haven’t forgotten the lasting impression it made.

The imposter syndrome cycle is vicious.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I let imposter syndrome rear its ugly head and paralyze me from the value I wanted to serve to my audience.

It took some mindset shifts to overcome my imposter syndrome and close out those negative, stuck feelings.

Here are the top three things I did to overcome.

First of all, remember (even in the offline areas of our lives), comparison is the thief of joy. If you’re having issues with comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs in your space, just stop it.


Uninstall the Facebook app from your phone, and give yourself designated time periods and specific tasks when you’re using it.

For example, only use Facebook groups to publish your own posts, post in groups, or respond to things in which you’ve been tagged. If you know your list of keywords, search your top used FB groups for your keywords and respond once a day. (I will be SO happy when a tool is released that lets you “listen” for your keywords via email notifications, like Google Alerts, but for Facebook groups!)

Mindlessly scrolling is not only a waste of your precious time, but it starts to feel crowded and noisy.

Another app I recently installed is the Facebook Eradicator extension for Chrome. It replaces your Facebook Newsfeed with an inspirational quote… a huge improvement, in my opinion!

You do you. And you do the work. You are amazing and made for this. Stop hiding and stop over-educating or over-researching. Success and growth doesn’t happen when you’re only taking in information instead of putting it out.


Secondly, know that you will NEVER be the only one in the world doing something (and if you are, that’s probably not a good sign). You don’t need to recreate the wheel or go blazing a brand new, never before seen path in order to be successful.

What you DO need to do, is say things with your authentic voice.

There are hundreds of differently light bulbs available, right? And how many different types of toothpaste put out by the SAME brand? (I think I read something like Crest has 46 different varieties available on the market today.) All very similar, yet all perfect for a specific audience with unique needs and pain points.

I digress. The point is, even if a market might feel oversaturated, you can do it better. You can say it in your voice, with your values projected and it will feel completely original.

Even Tony Robbins doesn’t recommend recreating the wheel. If you admire and feel inspired by what someone else is doing, research the methods they use to get from Point A to Point B, and then reverse engineer it in your own voice.

(HOWEVER, DO NOT COPY THEM. Inauthenticity doesn’t feel good for anyone… not you, not your customers.)

I know personally, comparison and noise are the main causes of my own imposter syndrome.

So finally, lean in to those feelings… be scared, be intimidated, feel inadequate..


These feelings are a sign you are stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing out your own boundaries.

The best way to quickly get over imposter syndrome?

Get strategic when you’re feeling on top of the entrepreneurial world. Create your content and visibility plan when you’re on the top of the mountain.

Then, if you start feeling low, like an imposter in your industry, or unproductive, stick with your plan.

Keep on runnin’ and never look back.

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