Tiny Offer Lab + Affiliate FAQ

What is a Tiny Offer – and how can it change your business?

A Tiny Offer is the entry-point of an offer-suite funnel. An offer suite is a set of products that all work together to solve a specific, predetermined problem for the prospective buyer. 

The basic funnel has three parts: Tiny Offer, order bump, and one-time-offer. The Tiny Offer is generally priced under $97. 

When you implement the Tiny Offer System in your business, you can expect to: 

  • Know from day one if your ads are working or not (never again sit by helplessly while your ads sink)
  • Get paid to build your email list by selling your Tiny Offer on autopilot (say buh-bye to the freebies)
  • Attract ready-to-buy, high-end clients through your ads (just say no to cold emailing)
  • Bring in leads while also making passive income from your Tiny Offer (stop wasting your time on zero-income lead magnets) 
  • Build a proven, repeatable system that you can turn on again and again to bring steady cashflow and high-quality leads to your business (banish those “Ramen noodles for dinner again” blues)

What is Tiny Offer Lab and how does it work?

Tiny Offer Lab is a step-by-step, 9-module online course that helps online business owners create and launch extremely profitable products, so they can make impact and income without working 24/7.

What’s the problem and the promise?

The problem: Most business owners are working way too hard for too little in return.

They’ve been led down the “golden high-ticket course” path, only to discover that launching like a guru is next-to-impossible. Unlike the gurus, most entrepreneurs are on a limited budget and have a small team, or no team at all.

The fact is: Big course launches don’t work for most business owners. They end up with a bloated email list full of freebie-seekers, and by the time the funnel narrows, they’re left with a sale or two to show for months of effort and expense. 

Tiny Offer students also tell us:

  • They’re done losing money on Facebook ads only to attract freebie-seekers. 
  • They’re done being 100% dependent on their 1:1 clients. 
  • They’re done with hours of busywork creating more free content than PBS, with zero results.  

With this 9-module course, you’ll learn exactly how to design an irresistible product based on little-known buying psychology secrets, run UNLIMITED traffic to your offers so your pipeline is always full and make PASSIVE INCOME so that you’re not tied to your desk.

Result #1: You can expect to finally figure out how to make Facebook ads profitable for your business…

Result #2: You can expect to create an irresistible product suite, from top to bottom, with a fully functional funnel in only a couple of months…

Result #3: You can expect to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that you have a steady income, even if you want to take a BREAK (remember those?)…chill out over the holidays, take a vacation without your laptop, or just take a Tuesday off because you can.

Why is it different?

A Tiny Offer checks all of the important boxes for your business:

  • Increases your social following and positions you as an expert in your niche
  • Fills your email list with buyers, who are much more likely to buy again
  • Attracts high-end clients who are eager to get on your calendar and buy your premium offers
  • Brings in steady revenue for your business while doing all of the above

The Tiny Offer Lab is an 9-module training program + 5 amazing bonuses, including an entire vault of copywriting templates and Allie’s ClickFunnels template.

Inside the Tiny Offer Lab you get all of the tools, training, and strategies you need to create and launch your own irresistible product suite.

Who is it a good fit for?

Tiny Offer Lab is perfect for coaches, service providers and experts who want to create more time freedom in their businesses through a passive income product that delivers a desired result for their ideal customer.

It’s perfect for those willing to put in the thought, effort, and time required to create, launch, and tweak their own Tiny Offer Suite. 

It’s perfect for those willing to show up, ask questions, and utilize the high level of expert support available in the program. 

What do students get / what’s included in the program?


BONUS 1: 6 Group Q+A Sessions with Allie in a 12-Week Pop-Up Facebook Group 

(Value: $1,997)

BONUS 2:  Your Listing in My Exclusive Tiny Offer Directory (VALUE $997)

BONUS 3:  Access to 12 Months of Recorded, Searchable Q+A Calls (VALUE: $1,997)

BONUS 4: Live Sales Page Copywriting Workshop with Allie (VALUE $997)

BONUS 5: Live Organic + Paid Traffic Workshop (VALUE $997)

Total value: $9,982

And…you’ll be entered to win a 1:1 VIP Intensive with Allie (VALUE $7,000)*

*(Students who purchase Tiny Offer Lab during this special pre-Black-Friday promo will be automatically entered to win a private, one-on-one VIP Strategy Intensive with Allie – valued at $7,000.) 


Done-For-You Facebook Ad Campaign (Value: $997)

Allie’s team will build your first Facebook ads campaign for your Tiny Offer — audiences set up, pixel installation, and ad copy included. 

*This pay-in-full bonus ends at midnight on November 18, 2020


What are the investment options?

1 payment of $1,997

3 payments of $775

Is everyone accepted as a TOL affiliate automatically?

Allie works with good humans, who care about their audience and customers, and the world in general. 

Allie reserves the right to deny an affiliate request, or terminate an affiliate relationship, due to illegal, immoral, or unethical behaviors or actions by the affiliate.

How much is your commission?

For every student that purchases through your affiliate link, you’ll receive $300.00 If you make 10 sales, that’s $3,000 in the bank!

When will you get paid?

You will receive payout for your commissions via PayPal at the end of each month, 30 days after the commission is processed. This gives students a grace period to request a refund if desired.

about allie

What We Do

Allie Bjerk teaches entrepreneurs how to create more impact and income with time-leveraging business models and tiny front-end offers.


Allie’s mission is to help entrepreneurs to show up authentically, owning their expertise and not shrinking down from their big dreams.


Allie Bjerk is a visibility strategist, coach and consultant. Allie has helped hundreds of business owners create the visibility strategies and marketing plans behind growing super-profitable businesses for balanced and prosperous lives. Allie has taken her marketing agency experience and used it to lead entrepreneurs towards their goals through her transformational programs.

Allie’s mission is to help entrepreneurs to show up authentically, owning their expertise and not shrinking down from their big dreams. Her focus on inner-work, confidence, consistency, captivation and clarity has set her work apart from other marketers and strategists, who focus on tactics and algorithms over the relationships.

Allie spent 4 years working for corporate web development and Internet marketing agencies before launching her business. She managed the SEO and Social Media departments, teaching marketing and training new agency employees. Allie left her corporate career after the birth of her first baby and a battle with debilitating postpartum anxiety that served as the catalyst for her to transform her life and never look back. She now lives an adventure and travel-filled life based in Northern Minnesota with her husband and three young children.

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How to Get Started as an Affiliate

  1. Sign up to become a Tiny Offer Lab affiliate here: alliebjerk.com/tol-affiliate
  2. After signing up, be sure to connect your PayPal account to receive your payout
  3. Save your affiliate links! You’ll have two: one that goes straight to the cart, and the other that goes to the sales page.
  4. Check your email for instructions on how to access your Affiliate Hub, with promo materials and templates for you to use when referring friends to TOL