If you are running your business online, you’re going to need a sales funnel. Whether you realize it or not, you may already have one in place. The sales funnel is a journey that you take an interested party through in order to get to know you further. Of course, this can be done in a million different ways, but the ultimate goal is always the same. We want to understand “where their head’s at” in order to make offers and overcome objections they may have all in one seamless step-by-step process.


And I’ve gotta admit, as a sales funnel and Facebook ad strategist, using a quiz as an entry point for my clients’ sales funnels has got to be my favorite method for list growth. In this blog, I’d love to share the strategy behind using a quiz for list growth and show you how to do it well.

Why use a quiz?


We all love quizzes (don’t deny it). From titles like “Pick Six Movies And We’ll Reveal Your Best Trait” or “Are You A Nerd, Geek, Or Dork?”, chances are you’ve gotten sucked into a viral quiz on Facebook at some point in your life.


“How did they know!? I AM most like the character Andy Dwyer on Parks and Rec!!!”


But guess what.. online quizzes aren’t just good for our egos.


They’re also good for business.


Very, very good for business.


The main advantage of using a quiz as the entry point of your customer journey (or sales funnel) is that you are automatically segmenting your list right off of the bat. Users like them because they get to think and express their personal preferences. They get to feel like they are awesome and part of an exclusive club.


As marketers, we know that the more a potential lead is able to see and identify themselves within the language we are using, the higher likelihood that they’ll continue moving through our funnel towards a sale. It’s all about human psychology and feeling like a business “gets” us.


When you use a quiz, you can split their responses into various segments instantly.


Let’s think through this as though you are a business coach. You may have different types of people that you can help in different ways. Perhaps you have the following offers in place:


  • A high-end 1:1 program for experienced entrepreneurs
  • A mid-level group program for entrepreneurs who are just beginning to grow and scale
  • And a course for those who are new in business.

If we were walking through the strategy of a sales funnel for each of those offers, we would need to identify who came in at what level.


What better way than a quiz to help them self-identify? When you know your audiences well, you can pull out questions from the typical pain points of that audience. For example, “How do you feel when reciting your elevator pitch?” A new business owner might respond “What elevator pitch?” while an experienced entrepreneur would say “Completely comfortable. I can recite it in my sleep.”


See how amazing that is for knowing exactly what content to serve next? Because your funnel entry point automatically segments the users into lists, you’re able to connect it to your auto-responder to map out  the follow-up nurture email sequences in a way that will help them continue to self identify and build trust with you.


When you partner this up with custom audiences in Facebook ads, you’re able to create an ad campaign that leads them to the next piece of the puzzle that you know will be a great fit for them whether they are a high-end, mid-level, or new entrepreneur.


Best Practices


There are a lot of ways to create a great quiz, including the following:


  • Keep the quiz at 7-10 questions (people lose interest if you make it too long, then success rates drop off). Seven questions takes the user about 2 minutes to complete, which, let’s be honest.. that’s all the attention span people can manage online.
  • Show your expertise
  • Design a quiz that stands out on social media – image based answers are a great way to do this.
  • Use their words and phrases
  • Make it shareable

I personally use and love the quiz tool Interact for all of my clients. I love that the tool is easily customizable to match my branding, embeddable, and the results can be easily shared on social media. I also love that they’ve created a course section all about empowering their users to make the best and most informed decisions about how to use quizzes for their business. You can find those quiz courses here.


Once they complete their quiz, you want to make sure you tell them that  they’ll be asked to opt-in to your list. The Interact form integrates with your email list so you can send different follow-up emails to people based on which quiz result they get.


I use ActiveCampaign for my email sequences, and it was so, SO easy to integrate Interact with it. Interact also integrates with Facebook, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Marketo… so many tools and resources to make my little marketing heart happy.


You can give your quizzee (is that a word?) multiple answer correlations, too, if your answers aren’t necessarily a one size fits all solution. This feature is great because it allows you to truly understand your users, and get a better idea of where their heads or at – every business owner and marketers goal, right?


How will you tie quizzes in with your sales funnel? I’d love to hear!

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