Many of my clients have been told to avoid small products because they attract “the wrong crowd” when they’re selling high-ticket implementation, group programs or 1:1 coaching, so they’ve completely avoided them. 


I’m of the belief that the Tiny Offer is the new freebie, and I’m on a mission to share that movement with the world. 


The reason low-ticket items haven’t “worked” for the vast majority in the past was because of one small and simple reason – they were leading with the wrong low-ticket item.


You see, when it comes to money mindset and beliefs…


People either exist in the “I need to SAVE money, so I’ll SPEND time” realm…


Or the “I have NO TIME, so I’ll SPEND MONEY and pay whatever it takes to get this managed” realm.


I call this the Lingering Mindset vs. Efficiency Mindset.


People usually think of low-ticket passive income products as workbooks, ebooks, courses – generally those high-time-sucking materials that will attract the Lingering Mindset Buyers.


BUT… this is where product-design can shift to attract those Efficiency Mindset high-end buyers… you build a product that SAVES THEM TIME.


Boom. That’s all it takes.


If you’re someone that’s already selling high-ticket programs or coaching, you know that YOU are the biggest piece of that equation.


Your clients are paying for your time and energy. They’re paying to have your attention on their life or business. The clients’ access to you is what you’re selling – though you and I know you can only scale so far before you’re burnt out and maxed for time… and is that really how you want to operate in your business? Is that why you quit your day job? (Didn’t think so..)


So what do you have left of your high-ticket products or programs if you remove yourself? How can you assure your buyer can STILL get the results they’re seeking without access to you?


You can start by thinking about the results or transformation you help a client achieve and then brain dump every step they would need to take to get that result. (Keep in mind that this is the time to go micro – as the expert, this might come second nature to you, but not to your client!)

Once you’ve brain dumped your list of steps needed from ideation to completion, you can find the sweet spots and themes throughout the tasks that would be required for the customer to get a result. I’d also be willing to bet you can look at that list and identify one piece or step that would be a no brainer digital product for your future client to purchase from an ad (even as cold traffic). 


Many business owners can look at the content they’re already using for their existing clients and package it up into a minimal viable product quickly. 


You could even get it done on the weekend. But, it took me overall about 30 days to package up the products, design the sales pages and write the emails for Livestream365. 


I truly believe every business owner should lead with a Tiny Offer instead of a freebie because:


  1. You attract higher quality leads.
  2. You start treating yourself like a real business owner and gain confidence in “investing” in advertising.
  3. You become familiar with lead attraction systems. 


Just like my Livestream365 concept opened the doors for business owners to start showing up for themselves to build their confidence and consistency, Tiny Offers can do the same thing for your business. Ads allow for consistent visibility and seeing immediate conversions and results builds major proof of concept, validation, and the confidence to continue with more, higher-ticket offers. 


The only question is… what are you waiting for? Launch your Tiny Offer today! The first step is my masterclass. Click here to join.


Dream Big, Start Tiny… 




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