Episode 48: If I Were to Start Over Again…

Episode 49: How to Scale Your Impact with Bob Heilig

Join me, Allie Bjerk, on a transformative journey through the art of audience affection and business acumen in the latest episode of the Start Tiny Podcast. Together with my friend Bob Heilig of Your Virtual Upline, we unravel the love, serve, grow approach to business—a strategy that has revolutionized the network marketing space. Listen in as Bob candidly shares his seven-year saga, from content creation to monetization, and how a steadfast dedication to serving his audience laid the groundwork for a thriving brand. This is a treasure trove of insights for entrepreneurs eager to leave a lasting impact and achieve heartfelt success.

Venture into the world of entrepreneurship as I share pivotal experiences from a high-flying network marketing career to the mastery of webinars. This episode takes you on a journey through resilience and reinvention—highlighting the crucial moments of adapting to personal branding and leveraging video marketing. You’ll hear how the transition from medical sales to network marketing and subsequent company closures opened doors to social media as a growth engine. Discover how embracing live video on Periscope and overcoming technical challenges led to a webinar that would change the course of my career, showcasing the power of persistence and flexibility.

Wrap up the episode with an exploration of business growth strategies and the importance of serving over selling. Hear about the personal battles of overcoming burnout, reclaiming purpose, and the profound impact of aligning daily actions with a visionary outlook. Bob and I delve into the nuts and bolts of creating high-value offers, and I reflect on the significance of leading with generosity and vision to revive one’s entrepreneurial spirit. As we close, I extend heartfelt gratitude to Bob for his wisdom and invite you, our listeners, to join the conversation on Instagram, sharing your takeaways and the positive changes you’re inspired to make in your own business ventures.

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