Listen in as I share a slice of my journey during a car ride to the airport, revealing how embracing authenticity and aiming high can unlock untapped potential in the online business sphere. From speaking at Depeche Mondalia’s Facebook ad mastermind to coaching in my seven-figure year mastermind, I discuss the exhilarating aspects of online networking and the importance of setting goals that resonate with your deepest desires. I also coach a member through her self-imposed limitations and the trepidation that accompanies scaling her business, offering insights into the growth possibilities and the mindset shifts necessary to serve a larger audience effectively.

Join me as we explore the crucial balance between boundary-setting and business expansion, examining my own rapid financial growth and the challenges that came with it. I underscore the necessity of firm boundaries, adept team management, and fostering client self-sufficiency, while highlighting strategies to scale up, such as raising prices and increasing enrollment capacity. Discover how to navigate psychological hurdles associated with growth, the value of a supportive community and coaching, and why it’s vital to preserve your energy and enthusiasm for your work by enlisting the right help. Get a peek into the dynamic community and support within our mastermind group, and be encouraged to embrace your true self, amplify your presence, and fully realize your potential.

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