In this episode, I walk you through how to think about creating offers inside your online expert or coaching business.

I also mention a free workbook that you can grab at this link.


Welcome to another episode of The Start Tiny Show, featuring Allie Bjerk who will be sharing insights about Understanding Your Audience: The Key to Crafting Irresistible Offers. In this maze of competition, it’s a real challenge for the entrepreneur to shine through the crowd. Allie Bjerk will guide you on how to identify the right audience to tailor your offers to their specific needs, building a successful business strategy.

Further, we delve into how to churn out offers that genuinely resonate with your audience, transforming their ordinary experience into an extraordinary one with the perfect blend of additional value and unique selling propositions. Allie Bjerk will explain how empathy, strategic thinking, and well-matched offers create a powerful framework for cultivating client-centric relationships, sparking excellent engagement and positive conversions.


Show Breakdown:

00:00:00: Understanding your Audience

00:00:21: Introduction to the Start Tiny podcast

00:00:53: Creating offers in the coaching industry

00:01:34: Product & Service Packaging

00:02:01: The difference between offering a product and becoming a commodity

00:04:30: Importance of knowing who you are serving

00:05:54: Creating offers in health coaching

00:06:17: Catering to the pain points of your audience

00:07:36: Introduction to the Offer Wheel

00:08:33: Importance of a well-developed product

00:10:06: Time management and potential hurdles in high-ticket offers.

00:10:30: Understanding the psychographics of your buyer

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