Let me preface this by saying I LOVE income reports. I think they’re this magical intersection of inspiration and teaching and I’m so excited to be here with you, publishing my first one.


My story might look familiar and some of you may even roll your eyes and think that its made up – the typical “rags to riches overnight” success story – “blah blah, rah rah, and YOU CAN DO IT, TOO!”


Well, it is that. But it’s also not that. At all. Even if it looks like that.


In Quarter 1 of 2019, I made 18,423.44. And of that income… $6174 was considered “profit”.


On March 22nd, I launched my first passive product. I’ve been doing this for other people for YEARS now (product design, funnels, and ads), and I finally decided I’d had enough of my own limiting beliefs and B.S. around why I couldn’t create and sell and market my OWN products, and I did it.


In Q2, I sold $252K of products and services – $111K of which was profit.



If you would have told March 21st Allie that she was going to spend NINETY-SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS in advertising in the next three months, I probably would have laughed in your face. And then puked. And then wondered HOW that was going to happen because I literally didn’t have a spare cent left and nor space available on my credit cards.


But it happened slowly, and then all at once.


The majority of my sales in Q2 came from an SLO funnel (self-liquidating offer funnel), or, what I call, a Tiny Offer Funnel. It was a super-value-packed $27 leading offer, followed by a $37 order bump and completed with a $77 one time offer.


My average customer value generally averages between $49-$55, depending on the day.


I always thought the saying “You’re just one funnel away.” was a corny slogan, but let me tell you, this offer and funnel literally changed my life and the way I see myself.


I’ve been a service provider for 5 years, a coach and consultant for two, and a product creator for all of those – but I never had the confidence to REALLY put myself or my products out there. I’d half-ass launch something, be bummed when it inevitably failed, and then spend 6 months reworking it. This funnel was originally created and launched about 18 months earlier as a “Livestream Sales System” and it didn’t work. My messaging was off, the focus was all wrong, and I wasn’t solving a problem or making things easier for the buyer.


Though, instead of launching it and tweaking it right away, I let it sit unloved in my ClickFunnels account for far too long. Until my dear friend Dani and co-masterminder suggested “What if you make it a calendar and give them 365 prompts for livestreams?!” Boom. World forever altered. Which just goes to show you, sometimes it takes outside support to do the thing.


When I first launched this funnel, I started the ads at $50 a day. I figured if I even made TWO sales, it would be worth it. I made five that first day. I doubled it to a $100 ad spend the next day, and again, 5X’d my return on ad spend… and that continued on until now, where I’m spending about $1300 a day on Facebook ads with generally a 1.5X to 2X return.


I went from being $30K in business debt and about $30K in personal debt to paying off every penny of business debt and nearly wiping out any debt my husband and I had, as well. My husband and I were also able to save up about $20K for a down payment on our first income property. (I’m all about building legacy wealth, not just income.)


I learned…

  • You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish if you just keep your head down and trust yourself.
  • Debt isn’t a horrible thing if you trust yourself to do what it takes to get out of it.
  • The amount of money you think you can make is all in your head. We all have pre-conceived ideas about money stories, self-worth and the like that are keeping our businesses and personal development stuck.
  •  It’s not always about launching big, high-ticket items that can make massive amounts of money. Sometimes, it’s more about impacting a high-volume of people at a low-price – which is totally doable for most businesses.
  • Life is meant to be enjoyed. That level of abundance and financial freedom showed me a whole new lifestyle and has inspired me to keep playing bigger than I ever imagined possible.

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