Unlocking Business Success: The Power of HighLevel and SaaS Solutions

There’s a brand new opportunity for coaches, consultants and experts to build recurring monthly revenue by selling Software as a Service… without actually creating a software.

Enter HighLevel and the world of Software as a Service (SaaS) – the game-changers for anyone offering ‘business-in-a-box’ solutions. As a coach, I’ve recognized the immense potential of these tools, and here’s why I’m going all in with SaaS and HighLevel. I’ve been in the process of shifting ALL of my software into my own whitelabeled version of HighLevel, called Autopilot Clients. No more need for Clickfunnels, a separate LMS for my courses, or even ActiveCampaign for my emails. It’s ALL IN ONE PLACE NOW which is infinitely easier for my team to manage (and better for my profit margin!).

Here are some of the reasons that I decided to drop Clickfunnels, despite being completely integrated in their community and being a member of one of their top tier masterminds.

1. Comprehensive Toolset with HighLevel: HighLevel provides a plethora of tools and functionalities that are instrumental for coaches and consultants. From CRM systems and marketing automation to landing pages and appointment scheduling, HighLevel caters to almost every need. Offering a ‘business-in-a-box’ solution becomes exponentially easier when you have an all-encompassing platform like HighLevel.

2. Scalability and Flexibility: SaaS solutions are known for their scalability. As your client base grows or as business requirements change, SaaS tools can easily adapt without the need for major overhauls. This scalability ensures that your business solutions remain relevant and effective regardless of how large or complex your clientele becomes. (Especially when someone else is responsible for updating the software!)

3. Cost-Effective: Traditional software systems often require hefty initial investments, regular maintenance costs, and periodic updates. SaaS solutions, on the other hand, typically operate on a subscription basis. This means predictable monthly expenses without the surprises of unexpected costs. Plus, with HighLevel, many of the tools that would otherwise require separate subscriptions are bundled together, leading to even more savings.

4. Rapid Implementation: One of the prime advantages of using a tool like HighLevel is the speed at which you can set it up and get it running. Instead of lengthy installations and setups, SaaS platforms are often ready to use almost immediately after purchase. This means you can offer timely solutions to your clients and quickly move from strategy to execution.

5. Accessibility and Collaboration: Given that SaaS solutions are cloud-based, they can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This facilitates collaboration among teams spread across different locations. For coaches and consultants, this means you can easily coordinate with clients globally, share real-time updates, and collaborate on strategies without geographical limitations.

6. Constant Upgrades and Innovations: The SaaS world is one of continuous innovation. Platforms like HighLevel regularly roll out updates and new features. This ensures that the tools you offer to your clients are always at the forefront of technology. Moreover, these updates are typically automatic, eliminating the need for manual interventions and ensuring that the software is always up-to-date.

7. Enhanced Security: Data security is paramount, especially when handling sensitive business information. SaaS providers like HighLevel invest heavily in security measures to protect user data. Regular backups, encryption, and state-of-the-art security protocols are standard, providing peace of mind for both coaches and their clients.

8. Customization: Every business has unique needs. HighLevel and many other SaaS platforms offer a degree of customization that allows coaches and consultants to tailor the tools according to specific business requirements. This ensures that the ‘business-in-a-box’ solution you provide is not generic but tailored to provide maximum value to your clients.

When you sign up for HighLevel at the “Agency Level”, you can customize it and resell it to your followers for as much as you’d like. For added success, you can tie it into your courses, coaching programs or build offers around its use for a more “sticky” monthly stack of revenue.

Going all in with SaaS and tools like HighLevel is more than just a trend; it’s a strategic decision.

As a coach or consultant, it empowers you to provide superior, cutting-edge solutions to your clients, positioning you as a frontrunner in your industry. The future of business consultancy is digital, and with HighLevel and SaaS at the helm, the journey towards that future looks promising and profitable.

My team and I have designed a brand new offering where you can hire us to build your Tiny Offer funnel, AND we’ll build it into your new High Level account to make it available for your clients as a snapshot – so they can get access to an incredible bonus add, making your company the best option around.

If you’re interested in applying to work with us to set up your Tiny Offer funnel for you AND to build out your software as a service, please email us at vip@alliebjerk.com

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