Some people are surprised to hear that my first venture into the entrepreneurial space wasn’t my marketing agency. I started an events linen rental company. After having a terrible experience with the chair cover rentals we purchased for our wedding, I distinctly remember having the thought while shopping at Target, “I could do this SO […]

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Five Lessons I’ve Learned During My Entrepreneurial Journey So Far

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Whether you’re a full-time internet marketing professional or a solopreneur, there are many online marketing tools that can dramatically improve your productivity and increase your ROI. Here are five of my all-time favorite software tools for online marketing; I’ll keep this list updated as I find new ones! Some of these links are affiliate links. […]

Tools That Make my Online Business Thrive

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In the last couple weeks, I’ve been putting in a strong effort to change my mindset and self-care habits. As a business owner and mother of three, I often feel like I’m reactive to everything.. which sometimes makes me resent my family (and the time I have available to work) or business or even my […]

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Why It’s Okay to Want More

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You started your own business to gain freedom. Freedom from: Being stuck behind a computer from 9-5 Being away from your family forty plus hours a week An inconsiderate boss breathing down your neck Working your tail off for $20 an hour while the company is profiting 5 times that There’s a saying that entrepreneurs […]

Stop Selling Your Freedom

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As a service-based business owner, I’ve made a couple guesses about you, and you can tell me if I’m right (or if you’d like to challenge my assumptions). You want to make a difference for people in their lives. You want to teach, you want to inspire, and change lives with your content. You would […]

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Five Rules to Follow for Major Wealth as a Solopreneur

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