Wouldn’t it be great if you could read your customer’s mind? Okay, maybe not all the time. But as it relates to your offer.


What if you knew exactly what your audience wants (and better yet, what they will BUY)?

You already know all about creating an ideal client avatar, and you probably have one — like Jill who’s 37.5, has a 10-week old Boxer puppy, favorite color: “Empress Teal,” and she loves everything fall and pumpkin spice. (Oddly specific, right?)

And if you’re wise, you not only know about customer research, but you actually do it by talking to real-life ideal clients.


But here’s the problem — even though we have tons of ideal-client resources and tools, I still see way too many offers that are vague, surface-level, and simply unbuyable.

The good news is that it doesn’t take a 126-page client avatar profile, or a million data points to get inside the mind of your ideal customer.

All it really takes is asking yourself the same question 5 times, until you get to the root of their problem and desired solution.

Before I tell you how, you might be wondering: What’s an example of a shallow offer?

A “Business Website Toolkit” to help you with all things website.

What exactly does this offer do for the potential buyer?

What’s the problem it’s addressing? What’s the solution?

It’s way too broad to attract a buyer.

What’s the cure for the vague offer?


Asking WHY…5 times.

The 5 Whys technique, created by and still used today by Toyota Motor Manufacturing, is a simple problem-solving method.

The premise: digging into the root cause of a problem by asking why 5 times.

You can also use the technique to dig deeper into what your audience wants.


Here’s how it might work for our vague “Business Website Toolkit”…

Surface-level question: “What does my audience want?”

Surface-level answer: “They want a business website.”

Why? #1

To have a place for people to find out about them and their business.

Why? #2

So they’re not invisible.

Why? #3

Because if they’re invisible they won’t have a business.

Why? #4

There’s a lot of competition on the internet — it’s crowded. They need to be found and stand out.

Why? #5

So the right people will find them, know exactly how they can help, and how they can hire them.

Now, we’re cooking with fire. ;)

Brainstorming based on the answers to the 5 Whys, we can come up with some core ideas: Visibility, standing out among the competition, and attracting the right people, who will buy from them.

Instead of the “Business Website Toolkit” we now have something like…

“Get Found and Get Hired Website Toolkit” — how to set your website up for search-engine success and turn browsers into customers with step-by-step copywriting and design templates.

Sound better?

So, that’s it. Try applying the 5 Whys to what your audience wants today to create an irresistible offer.

Want to know more about how to create a highly profitable Tiny Offer™ suite of your own? Watch my free masterclass.

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