Are curious what marketing trends you’re going to see more of in 2020? Here’s my list:


According to Nielsen Research….

  • The average customer journey is 21 days. And it takes an average of 32 exposures to your brand. 
  • Attention is fragmented – she’s on FB, FB Messenger, Instagram, Instagram Messages, YouTube, Podcasts, and ALL the Internet. On ALL platforms at ALL times. 
  • She’s also on a phone, a tablet, a desktop, and a smart TV.  SIMULTANEOUSLY.
  • We also see 10,000 ads PER DAY. 


This is the new landscape of digital marketing. However, YOU HAVE A GREATER OPPORTUNITY  TO REACH THEM THAN EVER BEFORE.

  • People spend an average of NINE 9.73 HOURS on personal media every day.


We are hooked to our devices for the majority of the day. However…. If you know how to get in front of the right people at the right time, it’s easy.

You JUST have to be everywhere all the time. (32 times, at least, right?) Possible, but… expensive (it will cost you either time OR money).

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