You started a business for two reasons, you wanted the freedom of creating your own schedule, and you wanted to make money.  However, once you’ve tasted the success of landing your first client, and your second client, (and even your third, fourth and fifth), the novelty of being self-employed has worn off and now you’re […]

You’ve created a job, not a lifestyle (and how to fix that).

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“Allie, what is a marketing funnel?” When I say marketing funnel, I’m talking about the kind of funnel that you absolutely must get right if you want to sell products and run an efficient business. Your marketing funnel is made up of several stages, moving a potential client from total stranger to a total fan of your work. […]

How to Create a Marketing Funnel that Generates Sales

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If you’ve been posting the right content on social media at the right times without seeing results, there’s a reason why. Social media strategy is a piece of the overall picture, but it’s not always enough to close the deal. It’s hard to measure. As a coach or an online business owner, you’re either making sales or […]

Social Media Strategy Isn’t Enough

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