There’s a problem with the online course industry, and I’m calling it out.

I recently saw a post in a group about “buyers remorse” when it comes to the programs that ring in at $2000 or more. While these courses are jam-packed with info, it can be overwhelming. Recent stats have shown us that over 80% of people who buy courses let them go unfinished.

Logins forgotten. Content purchased and never consumed. Yikes.

Think of all that wasted money that could have been invested elsewhere (like, maybe, all of the tools it takes to manage your online marketing?), somewhere that would actually help you successfully grow your business.

So where do we go wrong? And how do we  fix it?

I’ve done it. I’ve reasoned with my husband on why I HAD to have “X course” (even if it meant putting it on a credit card) and then never finishing the course.




New shiny object.

Rinse. Repeat.

Not feelings I want to share with people who deserve the exhilaration and freedom of owning their own successful business. (Shameless promo to prove I stand by my theory: All of my courses are specific and small enough that you don’t have to transfer a credit card balance to purchase them.)

And if you have to sit and think if you can afford it, I don’t want you to purchase it. Not yet. 

I’m not trying to rock the industry boat.. (Maybe a little). But I want to help as many entrepreneurs as I can.. And I understand what it’s like to be at the humble beginning of the journey.

I cover a wide variety of courses.. And I’m arguably not a guru, thought leader or industry expert in many of the subjects that I teach, but I’m a voracious student. Before I create a course, I put my heart into inhaling all of the content I can, so that I can implement it into my own growing business, then I go into sharing mode. Most of my teaching shows my real life learning stages, so that you can learn from the mistakes I make along the way as a peer versus a guru on a pedestal.

I’m a mom of almost three ((hello, third trimester)), I drive a mini van and I live in Minnesota. I don’t have photo shoots at glam locations telling you about my recent 7 figure launch. I believe in keeping it real and sharing with you the details and industry secrets needed to grow your business online.

At the beginning of starting your business, you’re making the least amount of money and you probably need courses the most. I believe in offering course “experiences” that come with one on one support and a fair amount of hand-holding to get you the results you deserve.


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