Online business owners commonly struggle with digital strategies in three areas:

1. Not knowing and understanding your target audience

It is extremely difficult to market yourself online without a complete understanding of your ideal client. Without knowing how they speak, where they search and what their pain points are, it’s nearly impossible to get the attention your business deserves.

Hang out, listen to their problems, and figure out how you can help.

Do your research. Brainstorm. Test, and test again. Create a worksheet with details and even a picture of your ideal client.

That way, every time you create a blog post, video, Periscope, Facebook post or Instagram image, you know whether it’s going to catch the attention of your ideal audience… because you know them.

2. Inconsistency

“Maybe I’ll write a blog this month, or maybe I will come up with an excuse why I’m not ready to publish something permanent.”
“I just can’t keep up with all of this social media.”
“I’m feeling so burnt out on the social stuff.”

You post one day, then not again for 3 weeks. The key to a strong strategy online, is posting, consistently, across your targeted online marketing sources. You want to have constant top of mind awareness with your target customers. When they subconsciously think “I wish I knew someone who could help me with _____.” They’ll instantly remember your name, your photo and your content, because you’ve already addressed their pains and you were memorable.

3. Lack of strategy and SEO knowledge

With strategy comes tracking, and testing. Without a strategy and a plan, you can’t track what is working and what isn’t working.

Without tracking, you’ll never know where to improve.

You won’t know what questions to ask your audience to better serve them.

Basic SEO knowledge, like keyword research and content marketing, will help IMMENSELY. Knowing SEO, and I don’t just mean writing meta tags and alt tags on your site, but understanding how onsite SEO, offsite SEO and content strategy all work together will help you gain confidence and an understanding of your market and how to better reach them – gaining more customers and ultimately making more money!

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